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“When we started, we were just bringing them to our house. Bring them home. And then the numbers grew to the point where Jim came to me and said, “Can we bring folks we crossed to your church? So I consulted with the leadership of the church, and they said, after a long discussion, well we never asked anyone for papers when they came to this church. We’re not going to start now.”

-Rev. John Fife, Member of the Sanctuary Movement and Co-Founder of No More deaths

“Cuando empezamos, los traíamos a nuestra casa, pero los números crecieron hasta el punto en que Jim me dijo, “¿Podemos traer a la gente que cruzamos a su iglesia? Así que consulté con el liderazgo de la iglesia, y ellos dijeron, después de una larga discusión, “nunca le pedimos a nadie papeles cuando vinieron a esta iglesia. No vamos a empezar ahora.”

-Rev. John Fife, miembro del Movimiento Santuario y Cofundador de No Más Muertes

About the Project

Since 2014, Southern Arizona has seen an unprecedented influx of asylum seekers, mainly from Central America, prompting a large public humanitarian response involving both the public and private/non-profit sectors. This bilingual multimedia project documents and analyzes how local advocacy organizations have responded to this recent humanitarian situation as well as how they have been changed by it.