Site icon Ecologies of Care: How Cross Border Humanitarian Organizations Support Asylum Seekers

About the Producer

Photo by/Photo por John de Dios.

Julia Blumberg is a Bilingual Journalism & Latin American Studies dual degree MA candidate at the University of Arizona as well as a Spanish Teaching Assistant. Ms. Blumberg received her BA from High Point University (2019), majoring in International Relations and Spanish with minors in Latin American Studies and History. She also studied in Madrid (Universidad de Nebrija) which afforded an even greater understanding of Spain and its politics. While at HPU, she was a Student Office Assistant for the Office of Global Education. In 2020, she was awarded a Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship to learn Maya Kaqchikel.

After graduation from HPU, the search began for the program that would allow Ms. Blumberg to expand her knowledge of Latin American politics and human rights. The University of Arizona’s Bilingual Journalism & Latin American Studies MA programs exceeded all criteria and puts Julia in the best position after graduation to pursue international work, ideally in the State Department or the United Nations.

She has traveled extensively, throughout the globe and specifically Latin America, which has influenced her interest in human rights, migration, and peace processes.

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